Sierra Wireless (GlobalTop Technology): LadyBird 1 (FGPMMOPA6H, PA6H)

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Overview The FGPMMOPA6H utilizes the  MediaTek new generation GPS Chipset MT3339 ... altro
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The FGPMMOPA6H utilizes the  MediaTek new generation GPS Chipset MT3339  that achieves the industry’s highest level of sensitivity (-165dBm )  and  instant Time-to-First Fix (TTFF) with lowest power consumption for precise GPS signal processing to give the ultra-precise positioning under low receptive, high velocity conditions.

The module a revision of POT (Patch On Top) GPS Module with an extra embedded function for external antenna I/O and comes with automatic antenna switching function and short circuit protection, also features a antenna system called “Antenna Advisor” that helps with the detections and notifications of different antenna statuses, including active antenna connection, antenna open circuit and antenna shortage.

Up to 12 multi-tone active interference canceller (ISSCC2011 award), customer can have more flexibility in system design. Supports up to 210 PRN channels with 66 search channels and 22 simultaneous tracking channels, Module supports various location and navigation applications, including autonomous GPS,QZSS, SBAS(note) ranging (WAAS, EGNO, GAGAN, MSAS), AGPS.

FGPMMOPA6H is excellent low power consumption characteristic (acquisition 82mW, tracking 66mW), power sensitive devices, especially portable applications, need not worry about operating time anymore and user can get more fun.

Note:  SBAS can only be enabled when update rate is less than or equal to 5Hz. 


  • Handheld Devices
  • Tablet PC/PLB/MID
  • M2M applications
  • Asset management
  • Surveillance


  • Built‐in 15 x 15 x 2.5 mm ceramic patch antenna on the top of module (patch-on-top)
  • Ultra‐High Sensitivity: ‐165 dBm (w/o patch antenna), up to 45 dB C/N of SVs in open sky reception.
  • High Update Rate: up to 10Hz (note1)
  • 12 multi‐tone active interference canceller (note2) [ISSCC 2011 Award ‐Section 26.5]
    ( )
  • High accuracy 1‐PPS timing support for Timing Applications (10ns jitter)
  • AGPS Support for Fast TTFF (EPO™ Enable 7 days/14 days/30 days )
  • EASY™(note2): Self‐Generated Orbit Prediction for instant positioning fix
  • AlwaysLocate™(note2) Intelligent Algorithm (Advance Power Periodic Mode) for power saving
  • Logger function Embedded (note2)
  • Gtop Firmware Customization Services
  • Consumption current (@3.3V):
    • Acquisition: 25 mA Typical
    • Tracking: 20 mA Typical
  • E911, RoHS, REACH compliant
  • CE, FCC Certification
  • overall dimensions: 16.0 x 16.0 x 4.7 mm

note 1: SBAS can only be enabled when update rate is less than or equal to 5Hz.
note2: Some features need special firmware or command programmed by customer, please refer to G‐top “GPS command List”


  • manufacturer name: GlobalTop Technology
  • manufacturer's part name(s): PA6H
  • manufacturer's part code(s): FGPMMOPA6H
  • manufacturer's part page(s): here
  • documentation archive: here

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