SystemBase: Eddy-S4M-DK v2.1 (Eddy-S4M v2.5 Development Kit)

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  • EDDY-S4M-DK V2.1
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Overview The Eddy Development Kit provides an easy testing and evaluation  platform... altro
Informazione prodotto "SystemBase: Eddy-S4M-DK v2.1 (Eddy-S4M v2.5 Development Kit)"


The Eddy Development Kit provides an easy testing and evaluation  platform for Eddy applications. Therefore, before integrating Eddy into the hardware environment, applications can be first programmed and tested on the development board. Power, Ready, Communication Interface and GPIO Serial Signal status LEDs on the development board provide a visual guide to understanding Eddy’s operating status.


  • Test and development


  • Eclipse based IDE: LemonIDE™
  • GUI Development Environment
  • C/C++ Compiler
  • Source Code Editor
  • Remote Debugging, Remote Monitoring
  • SDK including API & Source Codes
  • Includes easy-to-use Windows utilites,
  • COM Port Redirector, PortView™ and TestView™
  • SD Card Connector: Push Type, Up to 16 GB MMC/SD Card/MC supported
  • ADC Interface: Light Sensor
  • LAN Port: RJ45
  • USB Connector: 
    • 1 x Device
    • 2 x HOST, Dual-port 
  • Serial Port
    • 2 x RS232 DB9 Male
    • 2 x RS422/485 5pin Terminal Block  (S/W Selectable & with Auto toggle)
  • Battery Holder: 3V Lithium battery, 255 mAh
  • LED: Power, Ready, 20 Programmable IO, Console & Serial TxD, RxD
  • Jumper Switch: 
    • Power ON/OFF,
    • RS422/485 Termination resistor
    • GPIO input test (Off : Low, ON : High)
  • debug Port: DB9 Male
  • LED: Power, Ready, 34 Programmable IO, Console & Serial TXD, RXD LED
  • JIG Connector: 22x23pin socket, which connect JIG board to confirm problems (the JIG Board Eddy-S4M-JIG is not part of Eddy-S4M-DK v2.1)
  • Expansion Header: 2x22pin Header, used to test GPIO of Eddy-S4M
  • JTAG Port: Used for downloading code and single- stepping through programs
  • Reset Button: Factory Default & Warm Boot
  • Input Power: 9-48VDC
  • Dimensions: 160 x 120 x 18.30 mm

Package content 

  • Eddy Development Board
  • Eddy-S4M v2.5 Module 
  • SDK/IDE/Compiler/Manual/Utility CD
  • LAN Cable
  • Serial Cable
  • Jumper
  • 5V Adaptor


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