Digilent: PmodLVLSHFT (410-320)
Pmod LVLSHFT: Digital Logic Level Shifter

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What is Pmod? Pmod is Digilent’s name for the line of over 60 peripheral modules that... altro
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What is Pmod?

Pmod is Digilent’s name for the line of over 60 peripheral modules that they offer to add extra functionality to both microcontrollers and FPGAs (field-programmable gate array). This functionality includes audio amplifiers, GPS receivers, USB to UART interface, seven-segment displays, accelerometers, H-bridges with input feedback, analog-to-digital converters, and much more.
There are two main categories of Pmod interface that are available: the original peripheral modules with 6 pins (or a stack of two 6-pin sets for 12 pins) and an interface that uses the I²C interface. All of the Pmod headers are designed very consistently with the standard 100 mil (0.1 inches) pitch between each of the pins.
All of the peripheral modules are powered by the host board through the power pin on the interface. The host will be able to power the Pmods at either 3.3V or at 5V power, depending on the requirements of the Pmod.

Overview PmodLVLSHFT

The Digilent PmodLVLSHFT is a digital logic level shifter. This module is ideal for users who want to supply logic signals following a 3.3V CMOS standard but have an alternate logic level output that is used for other applications such as JTAG programming.


  • Digital logic level shifter
  • Translates logic signals between two user-supplied voltage levels
  • 2×7 JTAG header
  • 8 miniature switches to dictate logic level conversion
  • Voltage range between 1.8V and 5.5V
  • Small PCB size for flexible designs 1.8 in × 0.8 in (4.6 cm × 2.0 cm)
  • 12-pin Pmod connector with GPIO interface

Package Content

  • 1 x PmodLVLSHFT

Associated Products

Here you will find an overview of development boards associated with Pmods.


  • Manufacturer name: Digilent
  • Manufacturer's part name(s): PmodLVLSHFT - Digital Logic Level Shifter
  • Manufacturer's part code(s): 410-320


Other Digilent products available on request.

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