Tinkerforge: WIFI Master Extension

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Overview With this WIFI Extension you can control Bricks and Bricklets wirelessly over your... altro
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With this WIFI Extension you can control Bricks and Bricklets wirelessly over your mobile phone, tablet or your PC. For the Master Extension concept please take a look at the general description. The Extension is equipped with a GainSpan GS1011MEES WIFI module with an internal power amplifier which allows for superior range compared to other WIFI modules.

The devices supports two modes. In Full Speed Mode the device WIFI transceiver is always on. New incoming data will be immediately handled. In Low Power Mode the devices is not always on, the transceiver enters sleep mode after each message. This leads to a significantly lower power consumption and data throughput.

Since the device itself handles TCP/IP packages generated by the API, it is possible to connect directly from your controlling device (mobile phone, tablet, (embedded) PC). A brick daemon is not necessary.

To use the WIFI Extension a Master Brick is mandatory. If you want to use other Bricks, you can build a stack and plug them also on top of the Master Brick. If you want to use Bricklets you can attach them to the Master Brick or to other Bricks in the stack. From the programming perspective this is completely transparent, i.e. all Bricks and Bricklets can be used exactly the same way as if they were connected to your controlling device via USB.

You need a Master Brick with firmware version 1.3.0 or newer to use this extension.


  • Control Bricks/Bricklets wirelessly over your mobile phone or tablet
  • Operates with 802.11b/g/n access points, WEP, WPA, WPA2 Personal and Enterprise encryption
  • Equipped with 18dBm power amplifier for extended range
  • External RP-SMA and U.FL antenna connector


  • manufacturer name: Tinkerforge GmbH
  • manufacturer's part name(s): Linear Poti Bricklet
  • manufacturer's part page(s): here
  • documentation archive: here
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