Teltonika: ALL-CAN300 (ALL-CAN300_1)
CAN adapter, for all vehicles. For FM11yx, FMA1yx, FM6yxx, FMB6yx, FM53yx. With micro-USB adapter-cable.

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  • 100392
  • MFMP-100392 (+ MFMP-SPESE_FISSE, opz. "codici del catalogo")
  • Teltonika
  • ALL-CAN300_1
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Description ALLCAN300 is designed to acquire CAN data from any kind of transport (light... altro
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  • ALLCAN300 is designed to acquire CAN data from any kind of transport (light vehicles, trucks, buses, agriculture transport, special transport)
  • FM11YX GNSS/GSM Terminal, used with ALLCAN300 Adapter, will be able to collect and send vehicle data
  • ALLCAN300 supports more than 1500 models of vehicles
  • Supported OnBoard computer data:*
    • Ignition indication
    • Vehicle mileage
    • Vehicle speed
    • Total fuel consumption
    • Fuel level (Dashboard)
    • Acceleration position
    • Engine temperature
    • Engine working
    • Engine lifetime
    • Alarm
    • Driver’s seat belt
    • Passenger’s seat belt
    • Parking
    • Airbag status
    • Check engine warning
    • Low fuel warning
    • Oil pressure / level
    • Rear left door indication

Order code for FM11YX, FMA1YX, FM6320: ALL-CAN300_1
Order code for FM3622: ALL-CAN300_2

* – data is available depending on vehicle’s equipment, module, type and years

Technical details

  • Power supply (+9… +50)V DC
  • Power supply current:
    • Active mode max 50mA
    • Standby mode max 2mA
  • Working temperature -40..85 ºC
  • Max working humidity 85 % (non condensate)
  • Status LED


Manufacturer's article page: here

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