Digilent: chipKIT™ Wi-FIRE (410-302)
chipKIT Wi-FIRE: WiFi Enabled PIC32MZ Microcontroller Board

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Introducing the chipKIT Wi-FIRE: The first chipKIT to feature the latest, most powerful chip... altro
Informazione prodotto "Digilent: chipKIT™ Wi-FIRE (410-302)"

Introducing the chipKIT Wi-FIRE: The first chipKIT to feature the latest, most powerful chip in Microchip’s MZ microcontroller portfolio.

    “"The PIC32MZ family provides [2.5x] the performance and 4x the memory over the previous-generation PIC32MX families, along with a high level of advanced peripheral integration. For applications requiring embedded connectivity, the family includes [Hi-Speed USB, Ethernet], along with a broad set of wired and wireless protocol stacks.”

    "PIC32MZ is Microchip’s first MCU to employ Imagination’s MIPS microAptiv™ core, which adds 159 new DSP instructions that enable the execution of DSP algorithms at up to 75% fewer cycles than the PIC32MX families. This core also provides the microMIPS® instruction-set architecture, which improves code density while operating at near full rate, instruction and data cache, and its 200 MHz/330 DMIPS offers [2.5x] the performance of the PIC32MX.” –- Microchip Press Release"
Building on the previous successes with the chipKIT™ WF32, the WiFire uses the same, 43 available I/O Pins, 12 Analog Inputs, 3.3 Operating voltage, 4 User LEDs, potentiometer, buttons, uses MRF24 on-board wireless module, micro SD Card, dedicated SPI Signals and high efficiency switching 3.3V switching power supply for low-power operation.

Where the boards differ is what the PIC32MZ Processor can deliver.

The WiFire is significantly faster than its WF32 counterpart, with 200MHz operation speed, 2MB of Flash, 512kB RAM, High Speed USB and a 50 MHz SPI. The PIC32MZ core includes the MIPS MicroAptiv CPU Core from Imagination Technologies. microAptiv is a highly efficient, compact, core that is optimized for cloud-connected based projects, using Imagination Technologies’ FlowCloud software.

The WiFire can be programmed using MPIDE and with the addition of a compatible in-system programmer/debugger, can be used with the more fully featured/advanced Microchip MPLAB®X IDE.

Click here to visit the chipKIT WiFIRE resource center.


  • Processor:
    Microchip PIC32MZ2048EFG100 microcontroller (32-bit MIPS, 2MB Flash, 512K RAM)
    - 200 MHz/330 DMIPS, microAptiv core
    - DSP-enhanced core: Four 64-bit accumulators, Single-cycle MAC, saturating and fractional math
  • Microchip MRF24WG0MA WiFi module
  • Micro SD card connector
  • USB 2.0 Full-Speed / Hi-Speed OTG controller with A and micro-AB connectors
  • 50 MHz SPI
  • 43 available I/O pins with on-board user interfaces:
    - 4 LEDs
    - 2 Buttons
    - 1 Potentiometer
  • PC connection uses a USB A > mini B cable (not included)
  • Fully supported by MPIDE:
    - Example network libraries and code given in support documentation
    - Community at chipkit.net
  • For more advanced users, Microchip MPLABX IDE is available with separate programmer.
  • Imagination Technologies FlowCloud enabled for IoT based projects.
    For user documentation, software and tools support for FlowCloud.

Package Content

  • 1x chipKIT™ Wi-FIRE


  • Manufacturer name: Digilent
  • Manufacturer's part name: chipKIT™ Wi-FIRE
  • Manufacturer's part code: 410-302


Other Digilent products available on request.

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