iflexio: low-radiation exposure & anti fraud flip case / iPhone X

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Iflexio’s Low Radiation Exposure & Anti-Fraud iPhone Flip Case Apple iPhone X - BLACK... altro
Informazione prodotto "iflexio: low-radiation exposure & anti fraud flip case / iPhone X"

Iflexio’s Low Radiation Exposure & Anti-Fraud iPhone Flip Case

Apple iPhone X - BLACK

reduces radiation by up to 99% and protects your credit cards from fraud thanks to a built-in RFID Blocker card slot.

Main Features

  • Modern & Elegant Design
  • Lowers radiation exposure to your head
  • Protects sensitive organs
  • Prevents contactless Credit Card fraud with built-in RFID Blocker card slot
  • Protects from scuffs, scratches and drops
  • Includes adjustable Stand for watching your favorite videos

Layers Composition

  • Premium leather-style PU
  • Cardboard
  • Nylon Protective Fleece
  • PVC board
  • Oxford cloth
  • Plain leather-style PU

Lab Tested

  • Attenuation: 87 dB, two-layer 127 dB (> 99%) in conformity with ASTM D4935-10 standard.

    How To Use

  • To place/answer a call
  1. Open the flip
  2. Place / answer the call
  3. Close the front panel
  4. Speak normally
  • In your pants pocket

When carried in your pants pocket, the screen of the device has to face towards your body with the front panel closed.

Lower Radiation Exposure

Iflexio’s case is an elegant and modern stylish wallet cover for your mobile phone. It is especially designed to protect you and loved ones from the radiation your device emits when you are making calls and carrying it in your pocket.

Thanks to the advanced shielding technology, the phone case reduces your exposure to radiation by up to 99% and allows you to make and receive calls more safely.

This is especially important for children who have thinner skulls and smaller heads, which means radiation can penetrate further.
Moreover, children’s brains are still developing. Exposure to radiation could cause significantly more damage to a young child’s brain and even provoke neurological changes later on in life.

You can now relax knowing that you are doing the utmost to preserve your fertility and general well-being, without reducing your ability to use your mobile phone.

But Iflexio’s phone case offers much more!

Keep your money and data safe from high-tech thieves

Today many credit cards, passports, and driver’s licenses come with built-in radio frequency identification (RFID) chips. This technology is convenient, because it allows you to make small payments much faster. Unfortunately, it also comes with a huge downside, known as RFID skimming.

Almost anybody with a little knowledge, can use RFID readers to activate and scan the chip in your card without your knowledge, just by standing next to you at a distance of 30cm or closer. While that sounds close, we wouldn’t think twice about someone walking next to us on the street, waiting next to us in a queue, or standing close by on public transport.

In this way, fraudsters can steal sensitive data like your credit card number and then use it to clone your card or, more likely, to buy goods on the internet.

Sensitive Organs Protection

Iflexio’s case also been designed to protect your sensitive organs from the radiation emitted by your device when carried in your pants pocket.

Even when your phone is not in use, it is in constant communication with the nearest base station antenna, so that it may receive app updates, email alerts, news, weather forecasts, social media notifications, and so on.

Unfortunately, a number of scientific studies link male infertility to radiation exposure. With Iflexio’s case, you drastically reduce radiation exposure to your sensitive organs, while still being able to send and receive calls and/or data at anytime.

Adjustable Stand

The sturdy, easy-to-use, adjustable stand lets you video call, watch movies, or work wherever you like and however you want to.

Scratches & Scuffs Protection

The stylish leather-effect case protects your phone from scuffs, scratches, and day-to-day wear and tear. Make phone calls effortlessly and carry your iPhone in your bag or pocket without worrying about it getting damaged.

How it Works

Cell phones work at maximum power during calls – and this is especially true when you have poor network coverage. Unfortunately, this is also when they emit the most radiation.

Thanks to the phone case’s lab-tested, single-face lining, exposure to radiation is reduced by up to 99%, both when calling and when carrying it in your pants pocket.

Iflexio’s low radiation exposure & anti-fraud phone case has a wide, 180º range, allowing your device to communicate as normal with the nearest base station antenna. This means you’ll always be able to send and receive calls and/or data efficiently and safely.


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