Xilinx: HW-USB-II-G

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This article is distributed only within Germany! Platform Cable USB II is the second... altro
Informazione prodotto "Xilinx: HW-USB-II-G"

This article is distributed only within Germany!

Platform Cable USB II is the second generation of a high-performance download cable that attaches to user hardware for the purpose of programming, configuring and debugging any of the following Xilinx devices:

  • ISP Configuration PROMs
  • CPLDs
  • FPGAs

Platform Cable USB II attaches to the USB port on a desktop or laptop PC with an off-the-shelf Hi-Speed USB A-B cable. It derives all operating power from the hub port controller. No external power supply is required. A sustained Slaveserial FPGA configuration transfer rate of 24 Mb/s is possible in a Hi-Speed USB environment.

Device configuration and programming operations using Platform Cable USB are supported by iMPACT download software using either Boundary-Scan (IEEE 1149.1 / IEEE 1532), Slave-serial modes or SPI. Target clock speeds are selectable from 750 kHz to 24 MHz.

Platform Cable USB attaches to target systems using a 14-conductor ribbon cable designed for high-bandwidth data transfers. An optional adapter that allows attachment of a flying lead set is included for backward compatibility with target systems that do not use the ribbon cable connector.

Platform Cable USB II is an upgrade to and backwards compatible with Platform Cable USB. It has industry-leading performance and is compatible with Full Speed (USB 1.1) and Hi-Speed (USB 2.0) ports.


  • Automatically senses and adapts to target I/O voltage
  • Interfaces to devices operating at 5V (TTL), 3.3V (LVCMOS), 2.5V, 1.8V, and 1.5V
  • Configures all Xilinx devices
  • LED Status Indicator
  • Backwards compatibility with Platform Cable USB, including Pb-Free (RoHS-compliant)
  • CE, USB-IF, and FCC compliant

Scope of Delivery

  • Platform Cable USB II
  • USB Kabel
  • 14 -conductor ribbon cable
  • Flying leads Adapter
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