OHO Elektronik: OHO_DY1-3.3V-RED
3,3 V, 3-Digit, 7-Segment Display, Red

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Delivery while stocks last. The OHO_DY1 module is a small 23 mm x 23 mm (0.9” x 0.9”)... altro
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Delivery while stocks last.

The OHO_DY1 module is a small 23 mm x 23 mm (0.9” x 0.9”) 7-segment display unit for displaying 3 digits of hex numbers (12 bits) or arbitrary segment combinations including their respective decimal point. It is primarily intended for debugging or educational use. The modules can be stacked to extend the number of digits. Alternatively, the modules can be connected to any microcontroller or DSP using only 3 GPIOs.

A VHDL core is available, to directly display hex numbers on up to 5 stacked OHO-DY1 modules.


  • Small 3 digit 7 segment display module
  • Up to 5 stackable modules on the same connector
  • 9 pin OHO or 6 pin Digilent compatible interface connector, 3 I/O´s needed
  • 9 pin connector can be reduced to 7 pins for use with OHO CPLD modules
  • Simple SPI like interface
  • 3,3V and 5V modules available
  • Red, green and blue (only on 5V) modules available
  • Brightness controllable (PWM)
  • VHDL core available
  • OHO_DY1 modules can be also used on most microcontrollers
  • Reverse voltage protection

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x TE0265-00C Trenz Electronic segment display

Hardware Requirements

  • Power supply: 3.3 V DC typ.
  • 6-pin OHO_DY1 for Digilent Pmod slot

Software Requirements

  • OHO-Elektronik OHO_DY1 VHDL cores (free download)

Additional Information

All modules produced by Trenz Electronic are developed and manufactured in Germany.

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