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  • XESS
  • XULA2-LX25
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Like the XuLA, the XuLA2 is built to provide just the things you need so you can spend your... altro
Informazione prodotto "XESS: XULA2-LX25"

Like the XuLA, the XuLA2 is built to provide just the things you need so you can spend your time adding the features you want. It crams a 1,500,000-gate FPGA, 32 MByte SDRAM, 8 Mbit Flash, microSD memory card, two voltage regulators and a supervisory microcontroller into a 2" x 1" footprint. Just plug the XuLA2 into your circuit and connect a USB cable to download and test your design. Once you have your design just the way you want it, you can program it into the Flash and the XuLA2 will load it whenever power is applied. It's really that simple.


  • The entire XuLA2 design is open-source
  • Small size: 51 x 25 mm
  • OSHW License
  • Weight: 9 g


  • Spartan-6 XC6SLX25 (1,500,000-gate)
  • 32 MByte SDRAM
  • 8 Mbit Flash
  • MicroSD memory card slot
  • Two voltage regulators
  • Supervisory microcontroller PIC 18F14K50
  • Inputs/Outputs: 33 / 33

Package Content

  • XuLA2-LX25 FPGA development board

Recommended / Required Hardware

  • USB host port
  • JTAG cable

Recommended / Required Software

  • Microsoft Windows or Linux OS
  • XSTOOLs software


  • Manufacturer name: XESS Corp.
  • Manufacturer's part name/code: XuLA-LX25


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