Trenz Electronic: 24903
Samtec Razor Beam REF-189017-02, LF-04.0, 60 Pins, for all 4x5 SoMs

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High Speed Hermaphroditic Strip These connectors are hermaphroditic. Odd pin numbers on the... altro
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High Speed Hermaphroditic Strip

These connectors are hermaphroditic. Odd pin numbers on the module are connected to even pin numbers on the baseboard and vice versa.

There were three Samtec Razor Beam connectors (TOP, BOTTOM and LEFT) used on the bottom side.

  • Top and Bottom: JB1/JB2, JM1/JM2, 100 pins, 50 pins per row
  • Left: JB3/JM3, 60 pins, 30 pins per row

Default connectors JB1/JB2/JB3 und JM1/JM2/JM3 for our Baseboards:
- REF-189016-01 (50 pins per row)
- REF-189016-02 (50 pins per row)
- REF-189017-01 (30 pins per row)
- REF-189017-02 (30 pins per row, Lead Style -04.0)

Other mating heights are possible by using connectors with a different height.

Other connectors can be assembled on the module on request.


  • Leadform -04.0
  • Board-to-board connector 60 Pins, 30 pins in a row
  • Centerline: 0.5 mm (0197")
  • Mates with: LSHM
  • High retention contacts
  • Shrouded
  • Surface mount
  • Operating Temp Range -55°C to +125°C
  • Gold plating
  • Audible click when mated
  • RoHS Compliant: Yes

Mechanical Ratings:

  • Shock: 100G, 6 ms Sine
  • Vibration: 7.5G random, 3 hours 3 axis

Package Content

  • Samtec Razor Beam LSHM series, 60 pins
  • Item code: REF-189017-02

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