Teltonika: FMB202
special transport/application tracker, Bluetooth 4, IP67, 1,8 Ah Li-ion battery

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FMB202 – IP67 and Ni-Mh back up battery Small and professional waterproof tracker with... altro
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FMB202 – IP67 and Ni-Mh back up battery

Small and professional waterproof tracker with internal high gain GNSS/GSM antenas, Blue-tooth and high capacity internal Ni-MH battery.




6 - 30VIP67Battery1-Wire®Internal GNSS antenna


Voice callTrip detectionCrash detectionIdling detectionImmobilizer


Teltonika FMB202 is a SPECIAL waterproof (IP67) tracker with Blue-tooth connectivity, internal high gain GNSS and GSM antennas and integrated high capacity backup battery. Device is designed to work longer without power supply. FMB202 with NiMH battery can work up to 2 days in power saving mode. FMB202 is perfectly suitable for agriculture, delivery, refrigerated transport, trailers tracking, security & emergency services and even more. 6-30V power supply makes FMB202 suitable for motorbikes and water transport.

Smart Crash detection icon

Smart Crash detection

Ensure safety of Your employee with smart Crash detection. Get alarm message immediately after accident, save workers life!


Waterproof (IP67) case

IP67 protection class means that device is waterproof and 100% protected against solid objects like dust or sand. Such casing allows you to mount tracker to water transport, motorcycle or other transport with trust.

Blue-tooth icon


Integrated Blue-tooth 4.0 LE allows usage of  various wireless sensors and  grants compatibility with previously available Blue-tooth V3.0 features like device configuration, firmware update, headset support. Retrieve temperature and humidity information from Blue-tooth sensors without the need of wired connection – reduce installation costs. Save on fuel by reducing aggressive driving, increase your driver safety and reduce the number of driving-related incidents with Android application BTAPP.


Integrated battery

High capacity internal Ni-MH battery ensures long autonomous working hours, receive tracking data and warnings when main power source is disconnected.

FMB202 scheme


Product features


  • GNSS
  • GPRS
  • SMS
  • Bluetooth


  • 1x micro SIM card; 1x eSIM
  • 128MB memory
  • Internal GSM antenna
  • Internal GNSS antenna
  • DIN – digital input – 3
  • AIN - analog input – 1
  • DOUT – 2
  • 1-Wire® – 1
  • Accelerometer
  • Battery – 400mAh Ni-MH 7,2V
  • IP67
  • 6 - 30V
  • Overvoltage protection
  • USB 2.0 Interface


  • NITZ time synch.
  • Configuration over Blue-tooth
  • Blue-tooth sensors support
  • Ignition detection
  • Geo-fence
  • Sleep/Deep sleep
  • Overspeeding detection
  • FOTA
  • Remote Log
  • GPRS commands
  • RFID 1-Wire®
  • iButton 1-Wire®
  • Temp. 1-Wire®
  • Immobilizer
  • Eco driving
  • Green driving
  • Fuel monitoring LLS (analog)
  • Jamming detection
  • NTP time synch.
  • SMS event
  • Idling detection
  • Crash detection
  • Odometer
  • Trip detection
  • Towing detection
  • Integrated scenarios
  • Remote configuration over SMS
  • Offline tracking
  • Auto Geofencing
  • Voice call

Technical details

GSM/GPRS features:

  • Quad-band 900/1800 MHz; 850/1900 MHz
  • GPRS Multi-Slot Class 12 (up to 240 kbps)
  • GPRS Mobile Station Class B
  • SMS (text/data)
  • Dual-SIM (1 x micro SIM card, 1 x eSIM)


  • Bluetooth specification V4.0
  • Bluetooth transceiver fully compliant with Bluetooth specification V4.0 for external peripherals:
    • Data from various Bluetooth sensors
    • Voice calls over Bluetooth
    • Configuration via Bluetooth
    • OBDII Bluetooth dongle


  • Tracking: 33/ 99 acquisition channels
  • -165 dBM sensitivity
  • Hot start <1s
  • Warm Start < 25s
  • Cold start < 35s
  • NMEA-183 protocol
  • Accuracy < 3m


  • 3 Digital Inputs (1 reserved for Ignition Status Monitoring)
  • 1 Configurable Analog Input (10V or 30V range) or DIN4
  • 2 Digital Open-collector Outputs (connecting external relays, LED, buzzers etc.)
  • 1-Wire (iButton, RFID, temperature sensors)
  • Built in accelerometer
  • Power supply (+6…+30) V DC
  • Waterproof (IP67) case
  • Internal high gain GSM antenna
  • Internal high gain GNSS antenna
  • Integrated 400 mAh Ni-MH back-up battery
  • Dimensions: L(72,5mm)xW(73mm)xH(27,3mm)
  • 2 Status LEDs
  • Micro USB Port


Official article page: here

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