Digilent: Motor Adapter (6002-410-011)
Motor Adapter for NI myRIO

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  • 6002-410-011
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The Motor Adapter for NI myRIO allows you to easily connect and control either one stepper... altro
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The Motor Adapter for NI myRIO allows you to easily connect and control either one stepper motor, two DC motors or two servos independently through the MXP connector on your myRIO. It has been designed so that no additional circuitry is required. Just supply power and you're on your way!

Servo motors are connected via standard 3 pin headers while DC motors are connected via 6-pin or screw terminal connectors and stepper motors are connected using screw terminals. Two quadrature encoder inputs are accessible through the motor connector or through terminal blocks.

For more information, please visit Digilent's documentation wiki.

For a list of the motors we sell, please visit Digilent's Robotic Platform category.


  • Uses the myRIO Expansion Port (MXP) connector
  • Can be configured to work with 2 DC motors, 1 stepper motor, or 2 RC servos
  • Current control and sensing built in
  • 6V-16V input voltage
  • Over-current supply protection
  • 34-pin female breakout allowing direct user access to signal pins
  • External power supply connections
  • Two 1.5A full h-bridge outputs
  • Two on-board quadature encoders
  • Internal PWM current control
  • Power LED indicator

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x Motor Adapter for NI myRIO


  • Manufacturer: Digilent
  • Manufacturer's article name: Motor Adapter for NI myRIO
  • Manufacturer's article number: 6002-410-011


Other Digilent products are available on request.

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