Digilent: myDigital (6002-410-006)
myDigital Protoboard for NI myDAQ & myRIO

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  • 6002-410-006
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The Digilent myDigital accessory board for the NI myDAQ and NI myRIO is designed to provide... altro
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The Digilent myDigital accessory board for the NI myDAQ and NI myRIO is designed to provide students a cost-effective, portable, and engaging platform for teaching electronics. With a myDAQ / myRIO, NI Multisim, and a myDigital, you'll have everything needed to allow students to design, construct, and test basic analog and digital designs.

The MSP connector on your myDAQ / myRIO provides power (+5 VDC and ±15 VDC) along with eight configurable digital I/O pins, two analog inputs, and two analog outputs. All of these signals are available and clearly labeled on the signal blocks at the top of the breadboard when plugged into the MSP connector.


  • Power supply connector for stand-alone use
  • 1260 tie point breadboard area
  • Seven-segment LED displays
  • 4 push buttons, 4 slide switches
  • Discrete LEDs
  • Onboard 3.3/5VDC power regulator
  • Uses the Mini System Port (MSP) connector

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x myDigital Protoboard


  • Manufacturer: Digilent Inc.
  • Manufacturer's article name myDigital Protoboard for NI myDAQ & myRIO
  • Manufacturer's article number: 6002-410-006


Other Digilent products are available on request.

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