System-on-Chip engineering: SMARTZYNQ CARRIER
SMARTZynq carrier

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Delivery while stocks last. What is SMARTZynq? SMARTZynq module is a pluggable module... altro
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Delivery while stocks last.

What is SMARTZynq?

SMARTZynq module is a pluggable module designed to enable easy integration of Ethernet Industrial Networks in equipments for Electric, Transportation, Aerospace and Industrial Automation sectors. This powerful module allows the implementation of custom routers, switches or end-equipments with powerful networking capabilities. Network frame processing can be performed by hardware using specific IPs.

SMARTZynq module based device is Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC from Xilinx. This device includes an ARMv9 dual core microprocessor attached to the Programmable Logic in order that software stacks can co-work with hardware frame processing.

SMARTZynq may be used in a wide range of products and applications. A simple way to introduce redundancy capacities. Thanks to the utilization of Reconfigurable Logic, die module allows full upgradeability and the combination of different protocols. The Zynq inside ARM processor allows to run software that can cowork with the Reconfigurable Logic, expanding the possibilities.

SoC-e offers complementary board, named SMARTZynq Carrier, in order to build SMARTZynq `bricks’ useful to implement customer´s design or to run SoC-e solutions for HSR/PRP, low-latency Gigabit Ethernet Switching, Profinet, Ethernet IP/DLR and IEEE 1588 V2. The evaluation designs include a subset of these IPs and support for Linux and VxWorks OS.


SMARTzynq Carrier is a 160x100mm (Eurocard) size and includes:

  • 4x SFP cage for 1GE Fiber or 10/100/1GE copper modules that can be driven directly by SMARTzynq Module PHY’s.
  • 1x USB B connector for serial communication.
  • 1x Gigabit Ethernet connector that provides magnetics and RJ-45 connection to the SMARTzynq Module PHY.
  • 2 PMOD connectors.
  • Power: 5-24V DC.
  • Industrial Temperature Grade.

Package Content

  • 1x SMARTZynq Carrier



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