Inrevium: TB-FMCH-HDMI4K

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This article is distributed only within Germany! Designed for electrical compatibility... altro
Informazione prodotto "Inrevium: TB-FMCH-HDMI4K"

This article is distributed only within Germany!

Designed for electrical compatibility with most carrier cards. Proven operation with inrevium ACDC and KC705.

Inrevium products are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for 30 days from the date of purchase. No other express or implied warranties are provided.

4K/60, 6Gbps performance, featuring

FMC Connectors
HPC FMC connector
Expansion (stackable) HPC FMC
- supports a second card of the same type

IO Connectors
・ HDMI connectors
- CEC and HPD support

Configurability and Testability
・ Jumpers
- I2C loopback capability
- HPD and CEC loopback capability
- HDMI 5V from Sink or onboard supply
- dedicated local EEPROM for Sink EDID
- Onboard EEPROM for encryption purposes

・ Clock Generator (Silicon Labs: Si5324)
- capable of locking to a reference from the FPGA carrier card, or free running using the onboard reference
- used to generate and return the necessary clocks to the FPGA carrier card (drives MGT REFCLK and/or LVDS clock)

Power Requirements
・ Main rails: 12V and 3.3V
・ VADJ: 1.5 to 3.3V (onboard level translators)

Board Dimension
・ Single width, air-cooled, HPC FMC with regions 1,2


  • 2 x HDMI connectors
    - 1 x HDMI4K Source
    - 1 x HDMI4K Sink
  • Compatible with FMC Specification (VITA 57.1)
  • Stackable FMC design supports additional TB-FMCH-HDMI4K

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x TB-FMCL-GLAN
  • 4 x Short Pin (Hirose HIF3GA-2.54SP)



Inrevium requests us to forward customer data on order. With this information, you'll get access to their technical support website.

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