Inrevium: TB-FMCH-12GSDI
12GSDI FMC Connectivity mezzanine card

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This article is distributed only within Germany ! The TB-FMCH-12GSDI FMC has a... altro
Informazione prodotto "Inrevium: TB-FMCH-12GSDI"

This article is distributed only within Germany!

The TB-FMCH-12GSDI FMC has a dedicated SDI input, a dedicated SDI output, and three SDI channels that are either input or output. Each SDI channel supports a data rate up to 11.88 Gbps. It also has a video sync input for a video sync separator chip. All video signal connections are via 75 ohm HDBNC jacks. A video clock generator can also produce common video timing signals from oscillators or from HVF sync signals from the host FPGA.

The TB-FMCH-12GSDI uses Samtec’s FMC HPC connector for connection with a platform board having High-Pin Count connectors. It is a single width air-cooled FMC that is compatible with the ANSI/VITA 57.1 FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC) Standard. A second FMC HPC connector allows a second TB-FMCH-12GSDI to be stacked to double the number of SDI inputs and outputs.

Note: Even if your target carrier card supports a single TB-FMCH-12GSDI, there is no guarantee that stacking will be supported (typically due to limited gigabit transceiver connectivity). If stacking is a critical feature for you, please contact your sales representative to confirm operation prior to ordering/stacking.

The TB-FMCH-12GSDI supports SD/HD/3G/6G/12G SDI rates to enable next generation UHDTV 4k/60fps video over a single coaxial cable.

Inrevium products are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for 30 days from the date of purchase. No other express or implied warranties are provided.


  • 6x 75Ω HD-BNC connectors
    • 1x 12G SDI input, 1x 12G SDI output, 3x 12G In or Out
    • 1x Video Sync input
  • Compatible with FMC Specification (VITA 57.1)
  • Designed for electrical compatibility* with inrevium ACDC, Xilinx KC705, VC707, VC709, KCU105, and ZC706
  • Stackable FMC design supports additional TB-FMCH-12GSDI

* Verify your target mainboard with us prior to ordering

Product Outline

  • 12G-SDI performance, featuring: MACOM chipset (M23145G,M23428G,M23554G)
  • FMC Connectors
    • HPC FMC connector
    • Expansion (stackable) HPC FMC (supports a second card of the same type)
  • IO Connectors
    • HD-BNC type, 75Ω
    • Ch0: Dedicated input and dedicated output
    • Ch1-3: Individually config. as input or output
  • Clocking
    • Video Sync Separator (TI: LMH1981), accepts an external video clock-in, and provides Field Sync, Vsync, and Hsync to the FMC conn
    • Video Clock Generator (TI: LMH1983), accepts Field Sync, Vsync, and Hsync from the FMC connector, and returns 4 synchronized video clocks, and 4 corresponding frame timing signals to the FMC connector
    • Standard video frequency oscillators, 148.5MHz and 148.35165MHz, can be cross-switched to the FMC connector
  • Power Requirements (estimated)
    • Main rails: 12V@0.3A and 3.3V
    • VADJ: 1.5 to 3.3V (onboard level translators)
    • Estimated dissipation: 5W
  • Board Dimension: Single width, air-cooled, HPC FMC with regions 1,2,3
  • Adapter Cables: QTY 5: HD-BNC-to-BNC, 10cm length

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x TB-FMCH-12GSDI FMC card


  • Design Package (available under license)
    • Schematics, PCB Layout, Artwork, Bill of Materials
  • FPGA Reference Designs
    • Downloadable .bit file examples
    • Licensable source (some blocks netlist encrypted)
    • KC705 and KCU105 target, coming soon


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