Trenz Electronic: TE0701 (TE0701-06)
Carrier Board for Trenz Electronic 7 Series

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The Trenz Electronic TE0701 Carrier Board is a base-board for 4 x 5 SoMs, which exposes the... altro
Informazione prodotto "Trenz Electronic: TE0701 (TE0701-06)"

The Trenz Electronic TE0701 Carrier Board is a base-board for 4 x 5 SoMs, which exposes the module's B2B-connector-pins to accessible connectors and provides a whole range of on-board components to test and evaluate TE 4 x 5 SoMs.

See page "4 x 5 cm carriers" to get information about the SoMs supported by the TE0701 Carrier Board.


Do not access the FT2232H EEPROM using FTDI programming tools, doing so will erase normally invisible user EEPROM content and invalidate stored Xilinx JTAG license. Without this license the on-board JTAG will not be accessible any more with any Xilinx tools. Software tools from FTDI website do not warn or ask for confirmation before erasing user EEPROM content.


  • Trenz 4 x 5 Module Socket (3 x Samtec connectors)
  • RJ45 GbE Ethernet
  • MicroUSB Connector (Device, Host or OTG Modes)
  • SD Card connector - Zynq SDIO0 Bootable SD port
  • Pmod Connector A, 3.3V
    • 6 Pins can be multiplexed to SD Card pins (MIO1 bank when using TE0720)
    • 2 Pins connected to Carrier Controller CPLD
  • Pmod Connector B, 3.3V
    • mapped to 8 PS MIO0 pins if using TE0720 (same mapping as on zedboard)
    • 6 Pins also connected to Carrier Controller CPLD
  • Single 12V Power supply
  • High Performance Enpirion DCDC converter for local supplies
  • VITA57.1 compliant FMC LPC Connector
    • Digitally programmable FMC VADJ Power Supply
  • Carrier Controller CPLD
    • 1200 Macrocell CPLD with Block RAM, Flash and PLL
    • 8 User LEDs mappable to different functions
    • 2 User Pushbuttons mappable to different functions
    • VID and EN control for FMC VADJ DCDC Regulator
  • USB JTAG Interface
    • mini USB connector
    • Compatible with Xilinx tools: Impact, Chipscope, XMD, Vivado/SDK etc..
    • Compatible with OpenOCD debugger including ZYNQ SRST control
    • Based on FT2232H USB chip
    • Channel A can toggle Module (ZYNQ PS) Reset
    • Channel B can be used as USB UART
      •  Carrier Controller can reroute RXD/TXD signals
    • JTAG Port can be connected to (by the Carrier Controller)
      • 4x5 Module JTAG (FPGA + ARM chained in Zynq)
      • 4x5 Module JTAG and FMC JTAG in chain
      • FMC JTAG alone
      • Zynq ARM PS JTAG port (via EMIO muxing in TE0720)
      • 6 Pin header for off board use
      • Pmod Connector B for off-board use

Scope of Delivery

1 x TE0701-06 Carrier Board for Trenz Electronic modules with 4 x 5 cm standard footprint only

Additional Information

All modules produced by Trenz Electronic are developed and manufactured in Germany.

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