Trenz Electronic: TEB0911 (TEB0911-04-9BEX1FA)
TEB0911 UltraRack+ MPSoC Board with Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ ZU9,6 FMC connectors

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This article is the replacement of the TEB0911-04-ZU9EG1E. All changes caused by the new... altro
Informazione prodotto "Trenz Electronic: TEB0911 (TEB0911-04-9BEX1FA)"

This article is the replacement of the TEB0911-04-ZU9EG1E. All changes caused by the new revision are included in the Product Change Notification (PCN).

The Trenz Electronic TEB0911 UltraRack+ board is integrating a Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ ZU9EG MPSoC with 4 GByte Flash memory for configuration and operation, DDR4-SDRAM SO-DIMM socket with 64-bit wide data bus, 22 MGT lanes and powerful switch-mode power supplies for all on-board voltages. The TEB0911 board exposes the pins of the Zynq MPSoC to accessible connectors and provides a whole range of on-board components to test and evaluate the Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC and for developing purposes. The board is capable to be fitted to a enclosure, whereby on the enclosure's rear and front panel, I/O's, LVDS-pairs and MGT lanes are accessible through 6 on-board FMC connectors and other standard high-speed interfaces, namely USB3, SFP+, SSD, GbE, etc.

All parts are at least extended temperature range of 0°C to +85°C. The module operating temperature range depends on customer design and cooling solution. Please contact us for options.

Key Features

  • Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC XCZU9EG-1FFVB1156E
    • 1156 Pin Package
  • 64bit DDR4 SO-DIMM (PS connected)
  • M2 PCIe SSD (1-Lane)
  • eMMC (bootable)
  • Dual QSPI Flash (bootable)
  • System Controller(LCMXO2-7000HC)
    • Power Sequencing
    • IO Expander
  • Configurable PLLs
  • GTH/GTP Reference CLKs

Front Panel

  • 4 x FMC
    • 4 GTH per FMC
    • 68 ZynqMP PL IO per FMC
  • DisplayPort (2-Lanes)
  • RJ34 ETH + Dual USB3 Combo
  • Dual Stack SFP+
  • SD (bootable)
  • Status LEDs

Back Panel

  • 2 x FMC
    • 4/2 GTH
    • 12 ZynqMP PL IO per FMC
  • 56 SC IO per FMC
  • CAN FD (DB9 Connector)
  • SMA (external CLK)
  • 5-pin 24 V power connector

Board size

  • 406 mm × 234.30 mm, please download the assembly diagram for exact details.

Other assembly options for cost or performance optimization plus high volume prices available on request.

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x TEB0911 UltraRack+ MPSoC board with Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ ZU9EG

Additional Information

All modules produced by Trenz Electronic are developed and manufactured in Germany.

The online pictures of this product are not a legally binding offer, but are symbol pictures for illustration and presentation only.

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