MYIR: USB WiFi Module (MY-WF003U)
USB WiFi Module (Atmel )

MYIR: USB WiFi Module (MY-WF003U)
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Informazione prodotto "MYIR: USB WiFi Module (MY-WF003U)"

MY-WF003U USB WiFi Module

The MY-WF003U is a USB based WiFi Module released by MYIR specially for working on MYIR's ARM development boards. It is relying on the WiFi IEEE 802.11b/g/n standards and its network speed can achieve 150Mbps when using the IEEE 802.11n standard. It is connected with other terminals through a USB2.0 Host port to build a wireless network.





Dimensions 19.00mm (L) * 14.00mm (W) * 5.00mm (H)
Interface USB2.0 High-speed Host port
Frequency Band
2.4 – 2.4835GHz
Wireless standard IEEE 802.11b: 11Mbps
IEEE 802.11g: 54Mbps
IEEE 802.11n: 150Mbps
Transmission power
20dBm (MAX EIRP)
Modulation type OFDM/CCK/16-QAM/64-QAM
Work patterns Ad-Hoc Infrastructure
Working Temp. -10 ~ +60°C
OS support Linux

Board Products Supporting List

The MY-WF003U USB WiFi Module can support working with following MYIR's board products:




1 Atmel SAM9G15 MYD-SAM9G15 / MYD-SAM9G15-V2
2 Atmel SAM9G25 MYD-SAM9G25 / MYD-SAM9G25-V2
3 Atmel SAM9G35 MYD-SAM9G35 / MYD-SAM9G35-V2
4 Atmel SAM9X25 MYD-SAM9X25 / MYD-SAM9X25-V2
5 Atmel SAM9X35 MYD-SAM9X35 / MYD-SAM9X25-V2
5 Atmel SAMA5D31 MYD-SAMA5D31
6 Atmel SAMA5D33 MYD-SAMA5D33
7 Atmel SAMA5D34 MYD-SAMA5D34
8 Atmel SAMA5D35 MYD-SAMA5D35
9 Atmel SAMA5D36 MYD-SAMA5D36
10 TI AM335x MYD-AM335X

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