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ADALM1000 Active Learning Module

An easy to use tool designed to introduce the fundamentals of electrical engineering in a self-led or instructor- led setting

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The ADALM1000 Active Learning Module is an easy to use tool designed to introduce the fundamentals of electrical engineering in a self-led or instructor- led setting. The ADALM1000 Module allows students to better understand the real analog world around them, and is applicable for all students, at all levels, from all backgrounds. Early hands-on learning with the ADALM1000 will help students develop a solid science, technology, or engineering foundation.

The ADALM1000 module is a tool that illustrates the relationships between current, voltage, impedance (resistance, inductance, and capacitance) to the user. The ADALM1000 provides a personal portable lab that, when used with a laptop or tablet, augments learning that takes place in the classroom. Pixelpulse 2 provides an innovative graphical user interface (GUI) that minimizes the learning curve and enables students to learn faster, work smarter, and explore more.

The ADALM1000 is a learning tool for everyone.


  • Affordable instrument combines capabilities from analyzers, generators, curve tracers, and current/voltage systems.
  • Provides analysis capability for real circuits and concepts used in engineering environments.
  • Freely available online labs and curricula for educators and students to master difficult engineering concepts.
  • Structured hands-on activities stimulate and accelerate learning and builds interest in fundamental engineering concepts.
  • Helps to develop critical thinking skills needed for career development.


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Hersteller Analog Devices
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  • USB powered learning tool
  • Measuring and sourcing current (- 200 to +200mA) and voltage (0 to 5V) simultaneously on same pin
  • Oscilloscope (100 kSPS), function generator (100 kSPS)
  • PixelPulse 2 (open source) supports Windows, Linux, OS X
  • 16-bit (0.05%) basic measure accuracy with 4 digit resolution
  • Source and sink (2-quadrant) operation
  • C, C++ and Python bindings
  • MATLAB Data Acquisition Toolbox Support
  • Open source hardware
  • ADALP2000 Analog Parts Kit offers wide selection of analog components and allows solderless breadboarding