ASP-134604-01 male MC-LPC-10

Samtec FMC-LPC male connector VITA 57 FMC, for all starter kits with FMC (VITA 57) interface.

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The Vita 57 FMC connector is suitable for Baseboards with FMC connector. Similar to VITA 42 XMC, the VITA 57 Field Programmable Mezzanine Card (FMC) standard provides a mechanical standard for I/O mezzanine modules. This standard introduces a methodology that shall allow the front panel IO of IEEE 1101 form factor cards to be configured, via mezzanine boards.

The FMC standard specifies Samtec’s SEARAY connector set. The VITA 57 SEAM/SEAF Series system provides 400 I/Os in a 40x10 configuration or 160 I/Os in a selectively loaded 40x10 configuration, in 8.5 mm and 10 mm stack heights.

Recommended Hardware

  • Baseboards with FMC connector

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x Vita 57 FMC LPC connector (male) - ASP-134604-01

Additional Informations

  • Manufacturer: Samtec
  • Manufacturer's article name: VITA 57 FMC (male)
  • Vita product no.: MC-LPC-10
  • Manufacturer's article number: ASP-134604-01
  • Manufacturer product page

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