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System-on-Chip engineering

System-on-Chip engineering, S.L.
José María Escuza
Nº 23, Entreplanta (Bajo) Derecha, Derecha

Telephone: +34 944420700

System-on-Chip is focused on high-level technology products and services. This company has reinvested all their profits since its creation. This philosophy, in combination with a continuous growing schedule, allows an intensive activity in R&D and in internationalization.

SoC-e Engineering Service is integrated by a highly qualified group of engineers (PhD and MsC) with contrasted experience in the design of FPGA and embedded systems. Our engineers worked for telecommunication and industrial companies, scientific laboratories and technology centers.

SoC-e takes advantage from a well established net of International Partners, Suppliers and Research Centers.

SMARTZynq may be used in a wide range of products and applications. A simple way to introduce redundancy capacities. Thanks to the utilization of Reconfigurable Logic, die module allows full upgradeability and the combination of different protocols. The Zynq inside ARM processor allows to run software that can cowork with the Reconfigurable Logic, expanding the possibilities.

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