DFM 100B: Fuel flow meter

Fuel flow meter

Numero di variazione (MEPA): VAR-827001988

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DFM is designed for fuel consumption measurement in fuel lines of vehicles and stationary machines, also for operating time monitoring in different working modes of engine.

DFM fuel flow meter is used for consumption measurement of the following fluids:

  • diesel fuel
  • heating oil
  • other liquid fuels and mineral oils with kinematic viscosity of 1.5 to 6 mm2/s.

DFM is a tool for direct measurement of fuel consumption, which is used as a part of GPS tracking system, vehicle telematics system or as an stand-alone (autonomous) solution for fuel consumption monitoring.

One-chamber DFM fuel flow meters are mainly intended for small and medium engines with indirect injection fuel system.


Preventing fuel theft

Fuel consumption monitoring

Engine testing for fuel consumption

Machine running time trackingMachine running time tracking


Digital Counters and built-in battery

All data is registered in digital Counters in internal memory of DFM fuel flowmeters. That ensures data safety and protection against tampering and interference by third party. Also, Counters are registering data even if external power supply is switched off. After the power supply is back all data is sent to telematics unit.

Protection against tampering

DFM has two special Counters, which register third party influence attempts on flow meter operation – “Tampering” and “Interference” Counters.

“Interference” Counter protects DFM from magnetic field impact aimed on stopping fuel consumption measurement. “Tampering” Counter registers attempts of third party to tamper flow meter data by generating artificial fuel consumption (e.g. by blowing the air through measuring chamber).

In both situations DFM will start recording duration of influence and will send alarm to a telematics unit.

Fuel consumption and operating time Counters

Fuel consumption

  • Instant fuel consumption, L/H
  • Hourly fuel consumption in “Forward” line
  • Hourly fuel consumption in “Return” line
  • Total fuel consumption
  • Total fuel consumption in “Idling” mode of engine operation
  • Total fuel consumption in “Optimal” mode of engine operation
  • Total fuel consumption in “Overload” mode of engine operation
  • Total fuel consumption in “Negative” mode of flow meter operation (return exceeds supply)

Engine operating time

  • Total operating time
  • Total operating time in “Idling” engine operation mode
  • Total operating time in “Optimal” engine operation mode
  • Total operating time in “Overload” engine operation mode
  • Total operating time in “Negative” flow meter operation mode
  • Total operating time of Supply chamber
  • Total operating time of Return chamber
  • Operating time of Supply and Return chambers in each mode of engine operation


  • Engine operating time in “Tampering” mode
  • Engine operating time in “Interference” mode
  • Current engine operation mode as per fuel consumption rate
  • Fuel temperature
  • Temperature correction status
  • Correction coefficient value
  • Battery charge

DFM installation and connection

DFM are installed directly in fuel line of engine:

  • before low-pressure pump – on  “suction side”, or
  • after low-pressure pump – on “pressure side”.

Exact way of installation is chosen depending on fuel system specifications. Installation schemes are described in DFM documentation. For more detailed information, please, read DFM fuel flow meters Operation Manual. For information on DFM operation together with other fuel monitoring products and CANbus tools.

ID articolo 101673
Modello DFM 100B
Produttore Technoton
Paese di produzione
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Connecting thread M14x1.5
Nominal pressure, bar 2
MAX pressure, bar 25
Supply voltage, V 10-45
Overvoltage protection, V ≤100
Current consumption, mA (24 V/12 V), mA 25 / 50
Operating temperature, (without/with display), °C -40..+85/
Ingress Protection Rating IP54
Relative accuracy error per chamber, %, not more than 1