Cyber-Physical Production System Platform


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RELY-CPPS platform meets the needs of critical applications, in terms of reliability, availability and security. It combines in the same device sensor data acquisition, high-availability networking and Edge computing capabilities.

The RELY-CPPS family simplifies connectivity in the Edge by combining sensor data acquisition and networking in the same equipment. These devices implement a flexible multi-vendor input switchboard to support communication with OT devices. Additionally, direct connection with digital and analog sensors can be included in the platform. The connectivity with the IT world is carried out by IT and IoT protocols like OPC-UA and MQTT. This flexibility in the output switchboard reduces significantly the workload for integration with Enterprise and Cloud-based applications

Expansion Modules

Sensor Module

The Sensor Module has been designed to provide in a single board a wide range of input and output signals commonly used in the Industry, in order to interact with the environment. The inputs and outputs available in this module are:

  • 3 x Digital inputs: Isolated 0-24 VDC
  • 1 x Analog input: 4-20 mA
  • 1 x Potential-free relay output 250 VAC max
  • 1 x Three-wire RTD (PT100) temperature sensor interface
  • 1 x Thermocouple Type K sensor interface
  • 1 x Integrated electronic piezoelectric (IEPE) accelerometer input
  • 1 x RS422 (optional)
  • 1 x RS485 + 1 x RS232 (optional)

To extend the capacity of input/output switchboard, it is possible to connect a second Sensor Module to one of the non-used slots.


High Speed Data Acquisition Module

The High Speed Data Acquisition Module covers the requirements of demanding applications where high sensitivity and high speed are needed. The main features of this modules are:

  • 4 x 24 bit ADC input channels
  • Selectable analog input: +/- 10 VDC or 4-20 mA
  • 30 kSps sampling rate
  • Independent power isolation for each channel

Data Logger Module

Many Industrial applications require the storage of large data volumes locally. For example, there are many remote premises without or with limited access to Internet. Additionally, complex applications and services running in the Edge may demand extra massive storage disk.

In such cases, RELY-CPPS can be supplied with the Data Logger Module, which includes an industrial temperature grade 256GB SSD Disk. To extend the capacity of RELY-CPPS up to 500GB, it is possible to connect a second Data Logger Module to one of the non-used slots of the equipment.


Wireless Module

The optional Wireless Module offers a seamless integration of RF communication media within the networking and computational infrastructure of RELY-CPPS. The communication standards supported by this module are:

  • WIFI 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth® v4.0 (backwards compatible with Bluetooth® v2.0, v2.1 and v3.0)


The flexibility of the RELY-CPPS can be extended on its modules,
we can have almost 18 possible combinations to start with or without the modules:

  •     For the Sensor module (-S) and the High speed data Acquisition module (-ADC)

The following combinations with RELY-CPPS  are available:
-  with no module
-  with 1 x sensor module
-  with 2 x sensor module
-  with 1 x ADC module
-  with 2 x ADC module
-  with 1 x ADC module + 1 x sensor module

  •      For the Data Logger module (-L)

The following combinations with RELY-CPPS  are available:
- with no module
- with 1 x logger module
- with 2 x logger module.

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  • 4 x SFP cages for 10/100/1000Base-TX Ethernet copper or 100Base-FX/1000Base-X fiber to support heterogeneous networking protocols
  • 1 x 10/100/1000Base-TX Ethernet copper port
  • “Plug&Work” nodes through time-aware high-availability networking (HSR/PRP) for flexible layouts
  • Deterministic Ethernet and TSN Ready

Other interfaces

  • 1 x RS485 port
  • 2 x USB type A ports
  • 1 x HDMI output
  • 1 x Alarm output (potential-free relay output 250VAC max.)
  • 1 x Pulse-Per-Second (PPS) SMA output

Multi-vendor I/O protocols

  • Input Switchboard: Modbus TCP/RTU, Profibus, Siemens S7, MTConnect, etc.
  • Output Switchboard: Modbus TCP, MQTT, OPC-UA, DDS, IT TCP/IP based services, etc.

Security features

  • Secure boot
  • Support of software and firmware encryption, authentication and signature
  • System Level audited security (OS & Applications)
  • Security sensors to mitigate advanced attacks
  • Ethernet port isolated from switching infrastructure to implement security oriented services (Firewall, NAT, VPN, etc.)
  • Support for internal Mirroring Port with deep packet inspection capability
  • IEEE 802.1X access control for port based and MAC based authentication, MAC-Port binding and authentication for login security
  • Optional SIEM agent for IDS

Supported standards

IEC62439-3 – Clause 4/5 PRP/HSR IEEE1588v2 PTP Default, Power Profile and IEC 61850-9-3; IRIG-B. IEEE802.3 10BaseT, IEEE802.3u 100BaseTX, IEEE802.z 1000BaseX, IEEE802.1Q VLAN Tagging, IEEE802.1D STP, IEEE802.1w RSTP, IEEE802.1p (CoS), IEEE802.1ab LLDP, SNTP RFC4330

Edge computing

  • Powerful computing capabilities based on Xilinx All programmable SoC
  • Multi-core CPU with Docker and Sandboxing support for SW applications and microservices over Linux OS
  • Last generation FPGA to support intensive and low latency computing through hardware processing modules
  • DDR3/4 RAM Memory
  • On-the-field upgradable

Rugged device

  • Fanless design
  • Full metal enclosure
  • Redundant Power Supply: 6VDC to 30 VDC
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +70°C
  • Storage temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • Optional mounting: DIN rail
  • Specifically manufactured for industrial environments
Configuration & Management
  • Dedicated Ethernet service port
  • SNMPv3, SSH
  • Web-based HTML5-GUI access/configuration:
    • Accessible through HTTP(S)
    • Configuration profiles and Firmware updates
    • Real-time network monitoring