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Trenz Electronic TEF1002 - Carrier board for Trenz Electronic modules with 4 x 5 cm form factor

Carrier Board with three B2B connectors for Trenz Electronic 4 x 5 modules, PCIe x1 card providing a FMC LPC connector.

Variation number (MEPA): VAR-827001170

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The Trenz Electronic TEF1002-02 carrier is a baseboard for Trenz Electronic 4 x 5 cm SoMs. It is a PCIe x1 card providing a FMC LPC connector.

See page "4 x 5 cm carriers" to get information about the SoMs supported by the TEF1002 carrier board.

Key Features

  • Carrier for 4 x 5 modules
  • 3 x Trenz Electronic 4 x 5 modules B2B connectors
  • ANSI/VITA 57.1 compliant FMC LPC connector
  • SFP+ connector
  • PCIe x1
  • SATA connector with pin 7 power configuration for SATADoM
  • RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet connector
  • Micro-USB to JTAG/UART bridge
  • 2 x 8 lane high speed connectors (firefly)
  • Micro-USB connector
  • Micro-SD card connector
  • Cooling fan 5VDC
  • 4 x LEDs (2 User, Power and Status)
  • Module reset button
  • 10 x configuration/user dip switch
  • MAX10 System Controller CPLD


Do not access the FT2232H EEPROM using FTDI programming tools, doing so will erase normally invisible user EEPROM content and invalidate stored Xilinx JTAG license. Without this license the on-board JTAG will not be accessible any more with any Xilinx tools. Software tools from FTDI website do not warn or ask for confirmation before erasing user EEPROM content.

Other assembly options for cost or performance optimization plus high volume prices available on request.

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x TEF1002-02 carrier board for Trenz Electronic 4 x 5 cm modules

Additional Information

All modules produced by Trenz Electronic are developed and manufactured in Germany.

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