CS-428i (‘RS232 to RS422/RS485’ and ‘RS422/RS485 to RS232’ Converter)

‘RS232 to RS422/RS485’ and ‘RS422/RS485 to RS232’ Converter, distance: Max. 1.2km, 3kV Isolation(All ports) and 15kV Surge Protector(RS422/485), Communication speed up to 921.6kbps

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CS-428i converts RS232 signals to RS422 or 485 with enhanced 3KV optical isolation protection for industrial environments. It is a fast and efficient solution to overcome distance limitations of RS232 or for connecting to industrial devices with an RS422/485 interface.
No additional software is required for operation. With an easily accessible DIP switch you can configure the interface for RS422 or RS485. The CS-428i operates at speeds up to 921.6Kbps

What is Isolation?

When an electrical shock caused by power or ground is passed on to the system it can cause severe, if not irrecoverable damage. This can be prevented by using Opto-Isolation. In addition, isolation has other benefits by reducing problems caused by signal distortion and signal line impedance matching.


The CS-428i Opto-Isolation protects up to DC 3KV between RS232 and RS422, RS485 sides. Opto-Isolation perfectly isolates the two endpoints so devices are protected from unfavorable electrical conditions such as ground potential differences, lightning and line interference. This results in more stable and reliable communications.

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  Maximum Speed 921.6 Kbps
  Maximum Distance 1.2 Km. 24AWG twisted pair cable
  Connector RS232: DE-09S(DB9 Female), RS422/S485: Terminal Block 5 Pins
  Signal Lines RS232: TXD, RXD, RTS, DTR, GND
RS422: TXD+, TXD-, RXD+, RXD-
  RS422 Mode Point to Point, Multi-Drop
  RS485 Mode Echo, Non-Echo
  Slide Switch RS422/RS485 selectable

Operating Environment

  Operating Temperature -40~85 °C
  Storing Temperature -40~85 °C
  Humidity 5~95% Non-Condensing


  Certificates CE, FCC, KC