Contactless J1708 Crocodile reader: For safe contactless data reading from J1708 (SAE J1587) data buses

Safe data reading from J1708 bus (SAE J1587) of vehicles

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1708Crocodile is designed for safe data reading from J1708 bus (SAE J1587) of vehicles. Contactless reader is used within vehicle telematics and GPS tracking systems for receiving various parameters of vehicle operation from the bus: speed, RPM, oil pressure & temperature, fuel volume & consumption, etc.

Data reading occurs without electrical connection and without damaging wires. 1708Crocodile works in “listen” mode only, i.e. it does not change original J1708 messages and does not send any signals to CANbus.


Engine time control according to J1708 dataEngine time control according to J1708 data 

Fuel consumption monitoring from 1708 bus dataFuel consumption monitoring from 1708 bus data

Reading engine parameters from J1708 busReading engine parameters from J1708 bus


Power supply from vehicle

All Crocodile contactless readers have built-in voltage regulator, which allows to power supple the reader from on-board electrical network of vehicle, without using any power adapters. Also, power supply can be done from voltage output of telematics unit (special model of Crocodile).

Sealed housing

Housing of Crocodile reader has two special holes for sealing after installation. Delivery set of Crocodile includes sealing rope and a seal with unique ID. After Crocodile is installed, housing is sealed to ensure the reader will not be opened and uninstalled from the wires without a trace.

ID articolo 101679
Produttore Technoton
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Level of message losses, %, not more than


Compatibility SAE J1587
Nominal supply voltage*, V 12/24
Cable length*, m 0,7
Cable construction* bare end wires

*Basic model