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High Current Adapter for NI myRIO

Dieser Adapter ermöglicht die Verwendung des NI MyRIO mit Hochstrom-Anwendungen wie z.B. LED-Lauflichter, Relais und Servos.

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With the High Current Adapter, you can use your NI myRIO to interact with high current applications such as driving LED Strips, relays, and servos.
(For motor applications, please see the myRIO Motor Adapter Board.)

The High Current Adapter is able to run applications from 3V-16V and can deliver current up to 4A, providing users with a way to plug their applications in directly without any additional electronics required.


  • Uses the myRIO Expansion Port (MXP) connector
  • Supports 3V - 16V output voltage (external power supply required)
  • 4 Open drain outputs
    • Continuous current: 3.0A (25°C) / 2.2A (85°C)
    • Peak output current: 4.1A (t<5s)
  • 4 Standard 3 terminal relay outputs
    • Common, Normally Closed, Normally Open
    • Relay output max switching voltage: 30V
    • Rated Current: 1A
  • 34-pin female breakout allowing direct user access to signal pins

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x High Current Adapter for NI myRIO


  • Manufacturer: Digilent Inc.
  • Manufacturer's article name: High Current Adapter for NI myRIO
  • Manufacturer's article number: 6002-410-012


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