University faculty coverage with wireless access point

University faculties require their Wi-Fi networks to consist of separate SSIDs and have full wireless coverage throughout the entire faculty, similarly to other large public spaces such as airports and event venues.

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A university faculty is the lifeblood of academia, and the lifeblood of the faculty itself is two-fold. Coffee is one, of course, and Wi-Fi is the other.

Wi-Fi connectivity is a crucial tool for the faculty students, staff, and all on-site equipment. It connects researchers and their equipment to the greater world of data available online and facilitates academic communication and remote collaboration as well.

Importantly, university Wi-Fi must meet two important criteria. First, it must have separate networks (SSIDs) for students, staff, visitors, and equipment. Second, its wireless coverage must cover the entire faculty, from the main hall and classrooms to the library and laboratories – and everything in between. This necessitates a fleet of wireless access points that act as network coverage extenders.

The placement of those wireless access points must be planned with care to avoid having too many users or end devices connected to a single Wi-Fi access point, which would result in decreased Internet speed and increased latency.

To achieve stellar faculty Wi-Fi that delivers on these criteria, a fleet of the best wireless access points must be deployed. Sounds like the perfect job for the TAP200 Wi-Fi 5 access point of Teltonika Networks.


The TAP200 wireless access point is a product of pure connectivity magic. It can be used to divide the network into up to 8 separate SSIDs, which is more than enough for faculty needs. A single TAP200 device installed in each room in the faculty will then support a total of up to 100 simultaneous connections with speeds of up to 450 Mbps using its Gigabit Ethernet port.

Multiple of these Wi-Fi 5 access points can be connected to a single industrial network switch, such as the Teltonika Networks TSW200, which will power them via each access point’s PoE-in capabilities and RJ45 port. A gateway located in the main server room is then connected to the network switch to deliver connectivity, the coverage of which will extended throughout the campus by using the fleet of access points.

Installing the TAP200 on the ceiling is simple work thanks to its integrated mounting bracket. Once installed, its sleek design and UV-stabilised plastic housing will ensure that the Wi-Fi access point will blend in with its environment and maintain its colouration long-term.

Another nifty feature of this PoE access point is fast roaming. In a nutshell, fast roaming enables any end device connected to the network to remain connected while moving around the campus. Despite connecting to different access points along the way, the connection will remain uninterrupted.

For faculties with extra-large spaces, the TAP200 has two integrated Mu-MIMO antennas, which send the Wi-Fi signal in all directions instead of one, unlike unidirectional antennas.

Of course, when your faculty has a fleet of Wi-Fi access points, hassle-free remote management of the fleet becomes a high priority. That’s why Teltonika Networks provides 24 free months of the RMS Management service of its Remote Management System to every TAP200 device purchased. This allows for easy monitoring and maintenance of your fleet, such as for updating firmware or generating data usage reports.

When choosing the best access point for optimal faculty wireless coverage, you simply can’t go wrong with the TAP200 wireless access point.

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