ALL-CAN300 functionality activation for FMB140, FMB240 tracker with standard LV-CAN200 functionality

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ALL-CAN300 option – advanced software version allows to read more parameters than default version. Available additional parameters include AdBlue level, engine lifetime, airbag. Supported vehicle types: light vehicles, trucks, buses + electric vehicles, agriculture, construction, forest, utility & special machineries.

Supported vehicles

Professional solution for companies wishing to monitor CAN data from any kind of transport: light vehicles, trucks, buses, agriculture transport and special transport.

Benefits of ALL-CAN300

Communication network can provide a wide range data that can be used to reduce running costs, improve driver safety, streamline maintenance processes and support environmental responsibility.

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  • Total fuel consumption
  • Fuel level (Dashboard)
  • Vehicle mileage
  • Door status
  • Engine speed (RPM)
  • Oil pressure/level status
  • Acceleration position
  • Engine temperature
  • Vehicle speed
  • Accelerator pedal position
  • VIN number
  • Lights status
  • CNG level
  • Total CNG consumption
  • Engine is working on CNG status
  • AdBlue level (Dashboard)
  • Webasto
  • Simple Tacho
  • Seat belt status
  • Check engine

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