FMS cable (PPCB00000500)

FMX640 power cable with special heavy duty FMS connector

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Cable is a standardized heavy duty vehicle FMS 12-pin connector, for connecting FMX640 with one plug and receiving vehicle information through CAN line and K-line, along with powering the device and getting Ignition detection. This ensures easier connection and does not violate the factory warranty


FMS and Tachograph data from the vehicle


Ignition detection and power source


All the necessary information and power source from one connector


No violation on manufacturer warranty

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Product code Region Package contains
058R-00292 World Wide market FMS Cable (0.9 meter long)

Art.-ID 100188
Zustand Neu
Modell 0058R-00292, UL1007, PPCB00000500
Hersteller Teltonika
Herstellungsland Litauen
Inhalt 1 Stück
Gewicht 1390 g
Netto-Gewicht 1210 g
Maße 915×0×0mm


Supported devices FMB640/FMM640/FMC640/FM6300
Number of pins 12
Pinout Pin12: VDC
Pin1: GND
Pin6: CAN H
Pin9: CAN L
Pin10: Ignition
Pin7: K-line
Supported protocols FMS/K-Line
Length 0.9 meter