Vehicle double security solution

Double security solution, that will help not only to reduce the risks of theft but also avoid damages resulting from them.

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The solution involves two trackers that are installed and hidden in the car. The first one, Teltonika Telematics‘ vehicle GPS tracker, is wired to the vehicle‘s internal circuit and operates as the primary vehicle tracking device (or the master device), monitoring parameters and events of interest to maximise the benefits for fleet management and leasing companies.

It has GSM signal jamming detection, towing detection, unplug detection, and auto geofence scenarios allowing to initiate preventive actions, such as triggering the car alarm system, blocking its starter or locking all vehicle doors. Meanwhile, the advanced BLE Asset Tracker (TAT100) has been developed specifically for the leasing and rental companies for additional protection against vehicle theft. Essentially, it operates as a backup tracker with a link to the FMX tracker via Bluetooth connection. The backup tracker is configurated to periodically check if the main tracker is still connected to the vehicle.

In case a thief removes or disrupts the FMX tracker, the loss of Bluetooth connection enables the TAT100 tracker to adopt all GNSS/GSM tracking functions with the alarm immediately sent to the authorities and the owner of a vehicle. That said, the stolen vehicle could be found and returned within hours, most likely – undamaged.

Long battery life (lasting up to five years) and the ability to be offline on a smart sleeping mode make this solution unique in preventing car theft.

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