Power cable with clamp connectors (FMB1YX / FMC1YX / FMM1YX / FMU1YX series) (PPWS00000680)

Easy and fast connection of FMB1YX / FMC1YX / FMM1YX / FMU1YX series trackers

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Power cable with U-form connectors for FMB1YX / FMC1YX / FMM1YX / FMU1YX series devices. We created this accessory for an easy and fast mounting of our advanced trackers that come with a wide range of features and application scenarios. Simple installation – just connect the wires to a car battery – means saving costs and time allowing you to use your resources more efficiently.

The cable is 91,5 cm-long providing sufficient length to place your tracker conveniently in a vehicle.

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023-00149 World Wide Market Power cable with clamp connectors

ID de l’art. 100821
Modèle 023-00149, 023 00149, PPWS00000680
Fabricant Teltonika
Pays de fabrication Lithuanie
Contenu 1 pièce
Poids 200 g
Poids net 150 g


Supported by FMB110, FMB120, FMB122, FMB125, FMB130, FMC125, FMC130, FMM125, FMM130, FMU125, FMU130
Cable length 915 mm
Pinout VCC+ (Red), GND- (Black)
Supported voltage range 10-30 V