Network solution for campervan ecosystem

One of the essential requirements nowadays for a van is to have reliable connectivity. This became especially important for people who choose to travel while working remotely and cannot risk having any internet downtime.

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The challenge of implementing connectivity in a campervan is multifold. The device must be sturdy enough to work smoothly in a moving vehicle. It also needs to have suitable mounting options and should be easy to install. As the campervans often cross borders of multiple countries, it needs to offer reliable connectivity in each of them, and especially - close to the borders, where the signal of different operators overlaps. Another big issue to consider is the security of the solution, where various devices are using the same WLAN.


CamperVan network is a complete solution, offering reliable campervan connectivity without a complicated setup. A combination of patented antenna technology by Antretter & Huber and Tetlonika Networks dual SIM 4G RUT955 router ensures reliable connectivity even where a cell phone would be failing. Using two SIM cards provides not only better network reception in different areas but also helps to save on the operator charges. For example, if a vehicle is crossing the border, the router will immediately switch to another SIM to avoid high roaming tariff.

This plug-n-play solution does not require downloading and installing any apps to work with any smartphone, laptop, tablet, or PC. A USB port available in the RUT955 allows connecting SmartTV, streaming sticks, or WIFI sound systems straight to the internet. Multiple Ethernet ports enable easily connecting IP cameras and other IP devices.

Robust RUT955 router can operate temperatures between -40 °C to 75 °C, so it will survive traveling in summer and winter conditions. The broad power voltage range makes the RUT955 compatible with any type of camper battery and the whole solution takes less energy than a LED lamp.


  • A complete solution meeting the WIFI needs of any type of traveler – from data consuming entertainment purposes to smooth uninterrupted remote work experience.
  • Dual SIM functionality allows choosing any two cellular operators helping to achieve better network reception and save on expenses.
  • The ability to put the whole equipment under one campervan WLAN allows connecting the whole ecosystem to a free external WIFI while on the camper site within a few clicks of a button.
  • Hotspot enables sharing the internet with others while setting up data limits saves from too much data getting used.
  • Pre-installed Firewall ensures safe browsing for all the devices under the router.


Teltonika Networks products have a friendly interface, operating with Linux OpenWRT, that could easily be combined with any software or partner requirements. Integrating cellular connectivity to this solution made it much more price-friendly than previous satellite technology. Teltonika Networks router enables not just excellent LTE/WIFI connectivity but also allows to seamlessly connect various devices using Ethernet and USB. The rugged device can sustain winter and summer conditions and a broad power voltage range enables using it in various campervans.

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